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Hello Handsome


My name is Léo Galley, I'm an independent UX engineer working for startups like Republic, CoinList and Meter.

This project was born out of an interest in using the knowledge and skills I have to help spaces that are typically left out by Tech. After reaching out to Essex Farm, I was kindly invited to come up there and see for myself how they work.

While picking tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and more in the unforgiving August sun, I noticed someone with a temperature gun going between all the green houses and the fridges, to monitor the temperature. And so I had an idea — and a few months later, a prototype.

This website shows the temperatures and humidities collected by a network of Raspberry Pi Zeros, installed within the various greenhouses, freezers and coolers on the farm.

The Pis run on Raspberry PI OS Lite, with a simple python script sending data to a Rails (API-only), and I used Next.js, React and my own CSS framework for the front-end.

If you're interested in the tech, or have cool projects you want to collaborate on, feel free to shoot me an email.


— Léo